Meet James

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting short blog pieces, such as this, that give an insight into members of the Number 11 team, sharing a little about who they are and why they are so passionate about Number 11. Be sure to check back weekly to see which member of the team will be up next!

What ice cream flavour sums you up and why?

Double chocolate chip – I want to say because it’s the best, is that too cocky?


What do you do outside of Number 11?

Day to day I’m studying to be a doctor, now in the final year of my training (after what feels like a very long 5 years). I also run another charity called CATS and I’m a big fan of going out spending time with people, most commonly over food.


What’s your role within Number 11?

I like to think I’m the resident comedian of Number 11, but I’d imagine most of the team would disagree. My significantly more boring title is Director, so I head up the management team and set the vision for where we are headed, figure out strategy and plan out how things will work. I’m very big on quality, so I spend lots of time working with Dave (our Centre Manager) and the team to look at how we can keep doing things better.


Why are you involved with Number 11?

Because I feel it’s my duty as a Christian. I’m passionate about our vision not just to put a plaster over the problem, but instead focussing on supporting sustainable change. There are so many people in our city, who often through no fault of their own, are in very difficult places. So many people who need a family and a home. So many people who need loving and loving well. That’s why Number 11 is important, and I believe it’s what the bible calls us to do.


What is your hope for the future of Number 11?

Haha, I feel I should never be asked this question as I get too carried away sometimes! Essentially, the three pillars of our Number 11 vision are; family, quality and ambition. I want to see Number 11 helping members of our community build long-lasting and genuine relationships, providing family to those who may be isolated. My hope is that as we continue to expand what we offer and grow that we never compromise on quality, always giving our clients the best we can and supporting them, not just with temporary fixes, but to see sustainable change. Finally, we’re ambitious, we don’t just want to help small numbers of people, we want to serve more and more, to do that we need to grow, both in our team, but also in skills, in finances and in all other areas. I want to see us never standing still and continually striving to love more people, and to love them well – that’s my hope for the future of Number 11.