“Relationship at the heart of all we do”

Our vision is to bring hope and restoration to the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community. Our focus is on building relationship, working not just to put a plaster over the problem but instead supporting our clients to see sustainable change. 

We believe the bible calls us not just to love people, but to love them well – going the extra mile, and not just meeting temporary need. We support those in crisis to look deeper at the causes of problems, often exacerbated by factors such as isolation or low self-esteem. We then work with individuals to resolve these crisis, whether it be debt, struggles with mental health or substance abuse, unemployment, relationship breakdown, difficulties with benefits, isolation or a wide variety of other issues.

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“I felt like my mind was caving in on itself before I came to Number 11. I was trapped. The team did everything in their power to welcome and help me, and now I’m more stable and in a less-chaotic situation”


“It’s a great place to come and share what’s on your mind. It’s my reason to leave the house and now I have found a family. I love getting involved in the activities and workshops, and the food’s great! I’ve received lots of help with my financial situation and no longer feel stuck or isolated”


“My life is totally different now. I am happier, I feel valued and I’m no longer putting myself at risk. I have hope and aspirations for the future. I cannot thank Number 11 enough”


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