About us

What we do

Number 11 is a registered charity based on Chapel Lane, Burslem (Stoke-on-Trent). ‘Building hope, restoring lives’ is our vision, which underpins all that we do. Number 11 is a lifeline for individuals from one of the most deprived communities in the UK. Many are desperately struggling to manage a variety of complex issues from loneliness and isolation, low self esteem and confidence to poor physical and mental health, debt and long term unemployment.

At Number 11 we believe in not just putting plasters over the problems, but instead getting deeper into the underlying causes of issues to help our clients reach a place of independence. People don’t always fit into boxes, so we take a person-centred approach by committing ourselves to listen, advise and nurture people as they face life’s challenges. This involves providing structured, focused help to meet individual direct needs by offering services such as 1:1 support, counselling, interactive workshops and activities and much more. Over time, we believe that our approach will see some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in our city breaking the cycle of deprivation and experiencing sustainable change.

We know it’s not just programmes and services which change lives, it’s also relationship. In addition to wide range of support that we offer, we eat, play and share life together. Our focus is to always put people first by prioritising building strong relationships whilst supporting clients to see sustainable change.

Number 11 Journey of Change

It’s important to us that every individual who accesses Number 11 can see where they are and where they’re going on their own individual journey. Our ‘Journey of Change’ helps clients to plot their progress as they make their way through an interactive 5-stage process from ‘Connect’ to ‘Live’.

All of our clients receive 1:1 support whilst doing this from their assigned peer mentors. The journey may be challenging for many and some may take longer than others, but we are committed to support every single person, wherever they find themselves.


From Isolation towards Inclusion


Number 11 connects with people to understand where they are on their journey, supporting people with a personal plan which may include 1:1’s, counselling, workshops and life-skills, helping them be connected and ready to start their journey of change. 


From Confusion towards Clarity


We work with people with a history of traumatic experiences causing them to face real life problems. Together we identify changes which can be made and enable them to start the journey to living well.



From Hopelessness towards Aspiration


We develop relationships which build trust to bring hope to what seems a hopeless situation. This gives people a real purpose to carry on and make the right choices to develop themselves to know they can grow.


From Surviving towards Thriving


We build a nurturing environment, walking alongside people to develop their confidence to overcome daily obstacle’s. Growth takes time and is often a complex path, each area of support enables people to progress to give them the motivation to live.


From Stuck towards Independence


Our aim is to take people who are often disconnected, social isolated and anxious towards being better equipped to make positive choices and live well, in the knowledge that they are supported loved and cared for.

Can you support our clients on their journey?