Our Partners

Number 11 could not exist without the incredible support of our partners. We are so grateful for the individuals, businesses and other groups that have stood alongside us to help make our work possible. These partners include:

Lottery community fund
Swan Bank logo
European social fund
Potters Church Logo
Oasis Centre Logo
Methodist church logo
Saltbox logo
Community foundation logo

…and of course, all of the many inviduals who continue to stand with us and help support our work. We couldn’t do it without you.

Could you partner with us?

Oasis centre founder

“I am thrilled to be supporting Number 11 on behalf of The Oasis Centre. It’s great to partner with such a passionate and committed team. I look forward to Number 11’s future and all the people they will have the priviledge to serve.


Victoria Armstrong

Founder & CEO of The Oasis Centre