Meet Dave

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting short blog pieces, such as this, that give an insight into members of the Number 11 team, sharing a little about who they are and why they are so passionate about Number 11. Be sure to check back weekly to see which member of the team will be up next!

What ice cream flavour sums you up and why?

Toffee Fudge – I always want to try new flavours of ice cream but find myself choosing this pretty much every time! Very much a safe bet.


What do you do outside of Number 11?

I try my best to stay fit by running and playing football on a regular basis as well as chasing around after my two young daughters.

I’m quite heavily involved in my local church (Potters Church) – worship leading, serving on the leadership team and helping out where possible with kids work.

I love to spend time with my family, visiting new places and socialising with friends and other families


What’s your role within Number 11?

I’m the Centre Manager, which means I oversee all the internal operations within the centre, such as recruiting and training volunteers, networking with many different people and support services in the area and working directly with clients, supporting them on a weekly basis.


Why are you involved with Number 11?

I believe that it is a matter of spiritual calling and central to my faith. Having initially heard about Number 11 and its vision, I felt prompted to apply for the Centre Manager role after believing that my natural skills and abilities were not being fulfilled in a former job. Since applying and accepting to take on the role as Centre Manager, I believe that Number 11 is absolutely the place where I am meant to be. I have a heart for working with people and building strong, positive relationships with everyone I meet. Some people have been born into this world deprived of some of the ingredients to survive and succeed and so I feel called to support and encourage them on their life journey.


What is your hope for the future of Number 11?

I’d love to see us working alongside the NHS and Police whereby we help each other to create a more loving and supportive community. I hope that Number 11 continues to be a family for everyone who comes in through its doors and that our clients find themselves at home.