Meet the Team

As well as the incredible work of our volunteers and supporters, the Number 11 team is responsible for the running of the centre and Number 11 as a whole. Get to know the team below by reading their profiles!


Dave Nixon

Staff | Centre Manager

Dave joined the team as the first member of staff and Centre Manager of Number 11. He is someone who loves to socialise and forms strong relationships with anyone and everyone he meets, regardless of their life story of background. Dave is in charge of all internal operations at the centre such as being responsible for recruiting volunteers, coordinating training and networking with many different people and support services in the area.

Dave is very much a family man who enjoys being a husband and father to two young children. He loves music and tries his best to stay physically active by running, playing football and getting involved in anything DIY related.


Katie Hibberts

Staff | Client Support Manager

Katie brings heaps of energy and a humongous heart for people, alongside her extensive experience in social work and related areas. It will only take a short chat with Katie for you to realise she’s one of the most friendly and caring people around.

She’s using her skills and experience to run the ‘Re-Build’ programme at Number 11. This programme is focussed on providing one-to-one counselling, coaching and mentoring rolled into one, going deep into the causes of a clients problems to address them at the source and provide the foundations for sustainable change.


Julie Miles

Staff | Next Steps Worker

Julie is another friendly and outgoing addition to our team and joins us after spending all of her working career as a primary school teacher. She is passionate about helping people to unlock their potential – whether that be in enabling them to develop basic English and Maths understanding or facilitating more practical skills based workshops.

Employability is an important part of the role: helping clients to write a CV, search for a job etc. Julie searches out opportunities for clients to volunteer locally and spends some of her time working with Dave to ensure Number 11’s sustainability.

As part of a busy family at home, there isn’t much time to relax. When she does, she enjoys all things crafty and working on her allotment. It gives everything the rest of her day doesn’t – peace and quiet …and most importantly, food.


Amanda Holdcroft

Staff | Crisis Support Worker

After joining Number 11 in September 2019 as a volunteer, Amanda has more recently taken on a new role as Crisis Support Worker. The role involves  working with some of the most vulnerable people from all over our city, providing essential help and support when it’s needed most.

Amanda lives with her daughter and two guinea pigs who keep her very busy and entertained, although she still can’t decide who makes the most mess! She enjoys gardening, spending time with friends and family, theatre, live music and chocolate.


George Hilton-Salt

Staff | Outreach Worker

George joined the number 11 team as a volunteer in 2018. George has a wealth of experience in working with vulnerable adults and children and has brought this expertise to Number 11 to help individuals make positive changes to improve their outcomes. George stands for equality and compassion and recognises that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow.

George forms part of Number 11’s Reaching Out Project. This is a community-based project that takes the values and principles of Number 11 out to people in their own homes. Reaching Out works with other professionals in a collaborative way to help vulnerable adults take positive steps to improve their lives.


Michelle Tyler

Staff | Outreach Worker

Michelle joined the Number 11 team as a volunteer in May 2021 and is the newest member of the Reaching Out team. She is passionate about taking Number 11 out into the community, building relationships and supporting clients through positive change.

She will always make time to listen and chat (preferably with coffee)! She also loves to exercise and walk with her 5 year old Frenchie Ronnie, who she adores


Dr James Adams

Trustee & Chief Executive

James doesn’t stop talking about Number 11 and has a huge heart for serving the community of Burslem. He leads the team, driving the vision and supporting the team with the foundations to ensure we provide the highest quality support possible.

James was born and raised in Stoke, and is currently working as a doctor in Manchester, whilst also running another charity. He has a Masters in Public Health and James brings together his passions for healthcare and social change through the work of Number 11. He likes to think he’s the comedian of the team (although everyone else disagrees) and he will do pretty much anything if you offer him food.


Ben Lack

Trustee & Treasurer

Ben looks after our accounting matters ensuring we’re keeping track of our resources and making best use of them. He’s works as an auditor for a local firm of accountants and is currently studying towards his chartered accountancy exams. Outside of work and Number 11, Ben enjoys playing tennis, board games and exploring more of the world through traveling.

Wendy Blood


Wendy joined after being forcibly roped in by James! She worked as a social worker in Child Protection, working with children and their families who faced a huge variety of complex issues from mental health, disabilities, addictions, family breakdown, criminality and the care system. She also works in schools, and with women to build self esteem and confidence.

Her professional background and love for people motivates her to reach out to the hurt and broken, driving her desire to find fun and creative ways to engage people who would not usually choose to access support. Wendy obtained a BA Hons in Special Needs & Psychology, Dipsw in Social Work and Post Qualifying Award in Social Work. She just loves chatting to people and drives James crazy as she tries to keep his head on the ground!


Chris Chadwick


Chris brings  a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, providing useful insights into how to take Number 11 forwards and make sure things are running as they should do. He is the wise old head (although don’t tell him we said that) of the family, which combined with his real passion for mentoring and investing in people makes him a brilliant person to sit and have a cuppa with. 

Tom Hall


Tom’s role on the Number 11 team involves helping to organise team meetings, marketing and publicity, among other areas. He’s a whizz with all things design, social media or film and is the man to go to for creative ideas. He’s been part of the birth of Number 11 alongside James, working to make the vision into a reality.

Tom is a Special Educational Needs Teacher at a college in Stoke-on-Trent. He loves U2, basketball and anything with chocolate in.


Nicki Dyas


Nicki works for the Wildlife Trust and gives time to serve as part of the Number 11 team.  Her background is in training and education and she does lots of work with ex-offenders, often out in the countryside building walls and other activites.

Nicki has a real mixed bag of skills and she is an absolute ray of sunshine, brightening up any conversation.

Mr James A

Mr James Adams


James’s role on the team is predominantly focused around supporting the new housing initiative that Number 11 have launched. As a local company owner he also aims to increase the involvement of the local business community to help support the work of Number 11, both through practical resources and finances.

He is a keen musician, playing in bands and being involved in the local church worship team. He is also rugby mad and can often be seen screaming at his TV when England play.

Jonathan H

Jonathan Hibberts


Jonathan has recently joined the trustee team and bring expert insight into all things legal and property-related, as well as a huge heart to support those in need in his hometown of Stoke-on-Trent.

Ree Smith

Repheloe Smith


Repheloe Smith currently works as a mental health practitioner within primary care (CWP NHS trust). She is excited to offer her expertise and to be part of Number 11 team.

Her background is in psychology, education and mental health nursing. She has both experience of working with people in the community and hospital/ward setting.

Lots of Repheloe’s spare time is taken up chasing after her 2 year old son who keeps her busy, entertained and on her toes! 


Jane Sheeran

Cafe Manager

Jane is our absolutely wonderful Café Manager, as well as a key member of the management team. She’s a welcoming smile, a huge heart and a generator of top notch grub all in one.

As we’ve touched on, she’s an incredible cook and excellent at providing hospitality and making people feel welcome. She brings cake to all the management team meetings (although that’s not the only reason we love her) and is definitely the mum of the team.

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